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MIR new issue arrives, covering the topics of Knowledge Mining, 5G, Reinforcement Learning, etc. Download full text now! 




Knowledge Mining: A Cross-disciplinary Survey

Yong Rui, Vicente Ivan Sanchez Carmona, Mohsen Pourvali, Yun Xing, Wei-Wen Yi, Hui-Bin Ruan, Yu Zhang



Research Article

Sharing Weights in Shallow Layers via Rotation Group Equivariant Convolutions

Zhiqiang ChenTing-Bing XuJinpeng LiHuiguang He



Research Article

Satellite Integration into 5G: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Network Selection

Emanuele De Santis, Alessandro Giuseppi, Antonio Pietrabissa, Michael Capponi, Francesco Delli Priscoli



Research Article

A Dynamic Resource Allocation Strategy with Reinforcement Learning for Multimodal Multi-objective Optimization

Qian-Long Dang, Wei Xu, Yang-Fei Yuan



Research Article

Pedestrian Attribute Recognition in Video Surveillance Scenarios Based on View-attribute Attention Localization

Wei-Chen Chen, Xin-Yi Yu, Lin-Lin Ou






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