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We'd like to recommend you the latest paper by the research team of Prof. Qiao Hong from Chinese Academy of Sciences. This paper reviews cutting-edge research in brain-inspired visual cognition, decision-making, motion control, and musculoskeletal systems. Two software systems and a corresponding hardware system are established, aiming at the verification and applications of next-generation brain-inspired musculoskeletal robots. Another three reviews and four research articles published in this issue are also attached below.  


Brain-inspired Intelligent Robotics: Theoretical Analysis and Systematic Application

Hong Qiao, Ya-Xiong Wu, Shan-Lin Zhong, Pei-Jie Yin, Jia-Hao Chen



Federated Learning with Privacy-preserving and Model IP-right-protection

Qiang Yang, Anbu Huang, Lixin Fan, Chee Seng Chan, Jian Han Lim, Kam Woh Ng, Ding Sheng Ong, Bowen Li



VLP: A Survey on Vision-language Pre-training

Fei-Long Chen, Du-Zhen Zhang, Ming-Lun Han, Xiu-Yi Chen, Jing Shi, Shuang Xu, Bo Xu



Machine Learning for Brain Imaging Genomics Methods: A Review

Mei-Ling Wang, Wei Shao, Xiao-Ke Hao, Dao-Qiang Zhang



Visual Superordinate Abstraction for Robust Concept Learning

Qi Zheng, Chao-Yue Wang, Dadong Wang, Da-Cheng Tao



Deep Gradient Learning for Efficient Camouflaged Object Detection

Ge-Peng Ji, Deng-Ping Fan, Yu-Cheng Chou, Dengxin Dai, Alexander Liniger, Luc Van Gool



Pruning-aware Sparse Regularization for Network Pruning

Nan-Fei Jiang, Xu Zhao, Chao-Yang Zhao, Yong-Qi An, Ming Tang, Jin-Qiao Wang



Swarm Intelligence Research: From Bio-inspired Single-population Swarm Intelligence to Human-machine Hybrid Swarm Intelligence

Guo-Yin Wang, Dong-Dong Cheng, De-You Xia, Hai-Huan Jiang



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