MIR Editorial Board


Tieniu Tan, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, tnt@nlpr.ia.ac.cn (Homepage)

Associate Editors-in-Chief

Liang Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, wangliang@nlpr.ia.ac.cn (Homepage)

Yike Guo, Imperial College London, UK (Homepage)

Brian C. Lovell, The University of Queensland, Australia (Homepage)

Editorial Advisory Board

Rama Chellappa, University of Maryland, USA (Homepage)

Toshio Fukuda, Nagoya University, Japan (Homepage)

Anil K. Jain, Michigan State University, USA (Homepage)

Tomaso Poggio, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA (Homepage)

Mu-ming Poo, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (Homepage)

Bo Xu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (Homepage)

Bo Zhang, Tsinghua University, China (Homepage)

Associate Editors

Jinjun Chen, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia (Homepage)

Yixin Chen, Washington University in St. Louis, USA (Homepage)

Long Cheng, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (Homepage)

Ming-Ming Cheng, Nankai University, China (Homepage)

Hao Dong, Peking University, China (Homepage)

Deng-Ping Fan, ETH Zürich, Switzerland (Homepage)

Wenfei Fan, University of Edinburgh, UK (Homepage)

David Dagan Feng, University of Sydney, Australia (Homepage)

Harish GargThapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, India (Homepage)

Maoguo Gong, Xidian University, China (Homepage)

Jordi Gonzalez, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain (Homepage)

Wei He, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China (Homepage)

Junzhou Huang, University of Texas at Arlington, USA (Homepage)

Abbas Khosravi, Deakin University, Australia (Homepage)

Alan Wee-Chung Liew, Griffith University, Australia (Homepage)

Cheng-Lin Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (Homepage)

Xiaoming Liu, Michigan State University, USA (Homepage)

Zhiyuan Liu, Tsinghua University, China (Homepage)

Siwei Lyu, University at Buffalo, USA (Homepage)

Wanli OuyangThe University of Sydney, Australia (Homepage)

Umapada Pal, Indian Statistical Institute, India (Homepage)

Gang Pan, Zhejiang University, China (Homepage)

Hong Qiao, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (Homepage)

Bjoern Schuller, Imperial College London, UK (Homepage)

Friedhelm Schwenker, Ulm University, Germany (Homepage)

Chunhua Shen, University of Adelaide, Australia (Homepage)

Luping Shi, Tsinghua University, China (Homepage)

Hao Sun, Renmin University of University, China (Homepage)

Jiliang Tang, Michigan State University, USA (Homepage)

Dacheng Tao, The University of Sydney, Australia (Homepage)

Jianhua Tao, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (Homepage)

Toby Walsh, University of New South Wales, Australia (Homepage)

Liwei Wang, Peking University, China (Homepage)

Ji-Rong WenRenmin University of China, China (Homepage)

Hui Xiong, Rutgers Business School, USA (Homepage)

Chenguang Yang, University of the West of England, UK (Homepage)

Qiang Yang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China (Homepage)

Jingyi Yu, ShanghaiTech University, China (Homepage)

Zhi-Hui ZhanSouth China University of Technology, China (Homepage)

Daoqiang Zhang, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China (Homepage)

Min Zhang, Soochow University, China (Homepage)

Min-Ling Zhang, Southeast University, China (Homepage)

Jun Zhao, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (Homepage)

Huiyu Zhou, University of Leicester, UK (Homepage)

Zhi-Hua Zhou, Nanjing University, China (Homepage)

Jun Zhu, Tsinghua University, China (Homepage)

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